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6-Week Thoracic & Hip Mobility Program for CrossFit Athletes

Unlock Your True Potential

Struggling to hit depth in your squat or finding comfort overhead with your snatch? This 6-week Thoracic & Hip Mobility Program is designed specifically for CrossFit athletes like you, aiming to enhance your mobility, strength, and performance.

What’s Inside?

Our program is built around proven mobility protocols that not only open but also strengthen your range of motion. Expect basic testing and plenty of new, interesting drills to improve your mobility and overall athletic performance.

Why This Program?

  • Thoracic & Hip Mechanics: Enhance your posture, reduce lower back stress, and improve your overhead position with targeted thoracic extension and rotation exercises.
  • Comprehensive Hip Mobility: Address tight hip flexors, gluteus muscles, and more to prevent compensation and potential injury. Improved hip mobility translates to better lifting techniques and overall performance.

Program Benefits:

  • Better Squats & Snatches: Achieve greater depth and comfort in your key lifts.
  • Pain Relief: Alleviate discomfort caused by tightness and poor posture.
  • Enhanced Performance: Strengthen your range of motion for more powerful and efficient movements.

How to Access:

  1. Self-Paced: Follow the program at your own pace.
  2. App Access: Gain accountability and ease of use with our app, available within 24 hours of purchase. The program starts the following week, giving you ample time to prepare and succeed without injury.

Join our 6-Week Thoracic & Hip Mobility Program and take your CrossFit performance to the next level!