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The Originals: Essential CrossFit & Gym Grips

Discover the ultimate workout companion with The Originals, designed to enhance your CrossFit and gym sessions. Experience unparalleled grip and comfort, tailored for the dedicated athlete.

Key Features:

  • Superior Grip Technology: Our Better Original grips feature a rubber surface that adheres firmly to both powder-coated and non-powder-coated bars, minimizing slippage and maximizing your performance.

  • Enhanced Comfort and Support: Enjoy the dual benefits of 5mm neoprene-lined wrist support that not only offers superior comfort but also wicks away sweat, keeping your hands and grips dry.

  • Universal Fit & Durability: These one-size-fits-all grips boast a 2.2mm thickness, providing a robust and long-lasting solution to withstand rigorous workouts.

  • Mess-Free Experience: Say goodbye to chalky residue; these grips ensure a clean and efficient session, keeping your gym bag and equipment neat.

  • Convenient Storage: Like all Better Gear products, these grips come with a breathable, drawstring storage bag, perfect for maintaining freshness and easy portability.

Elevate Your Workout Game:

The Originals are not just grips; they're your new workout ally, enabling you to push limits with confidence and cleanliness. Ideal for athletes of all levels, they provide the grip and support you need to excel in your CrossFit and gym activities.

Grab The Originals today and redefine the way you train!