Thoracic & Hip Mobility Program

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The 6-week Thoracic & Hip Mobility Program:

The 6-week program is built around well-known mobility protocols. Focusing on not just building & opening but also strengthening the range of motion, the program will introduce you to some basic testing as well as plenty of new & interesting drills to help improve your mobility. 

If you have a constant battle finding depth in your squat, comfort overhead with your snatch, or even just over being in pain from all-around tightness then this program is for you!

Thoracic & Hip Mechanics 

Thoracic Extension and Rotation is responsible for good posture. Too much Thoracic Extension can cause someone to have a "Duck walk" or a "Puffed Chest" where their chest protrudes forward. Too little Thoracic Extension is responsible for a hunched back, normally blamed on a sedentary lifestyle or an office job (Which can be caused by a lack of hip/pelvis control)

Improving your Thoracic Extension/Rotation can lead to an improved overhead position, better posture, and a reduction in lower back stress

The hip area is anatomically complex. There are over 15 muscles that are associated with the hip area, each working together to give the hip joint mobility.

 Having tight hip flexors, gluteus maximus/medius/minimus, and piriformis muscles can cause more than just tight hips, pulling the hips forward into an anterior rotation. If mobility and strength in the hips are limited, an athlete will then compromise with lifting weight with their back muscles.

Program delivery options:

1 – (follow at your own pace)

2 – (accountability, tracking, and ease of use) App access is allocated within 24hrs with the program starting the following week

This will give you adequate time to develop the tissue and joint strength as well as muscular strength to be successful through the program without any injury.