Toes To Bar Beginner Program

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This program is designed to be done alongside a normal class or personalized program.

Our 6-week toes-to-bar development program will work on 3 x 2-week micro cycles, developing positions, strength & coordination.

Week 0-2: Gymnastic Shapes, Mobility & timing

Week 3-4: Gymnastic Strength, Dynamic mobility & timing

Week 4-6: Combine all of the previously developed skills moving you finally towards those toes to bar.

Program delivery options:

1 – PDF (follow at your own pace)

2 – APP (accountability, tracking, and ease of use) App access is allocated within 24hrs with the program starting the following week

* This program is suited to beginners, intermediate athletes & even more experienced athletes looking to become more efficient or refine their toes to bar capacity & repeatability.